September 6, 2016

Dear Families,
I offer you a warm "Welcome to Fourth Grade"! I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year. I am also excited about the journey that we will be embarking on this school year. We have many new adventures we will be exploring together. I can't wait to share all the exciting learning opportunities that have been planned.
As was outlined during Curriculum Night, this year the fourth and fifth grade teachers will be collaborating to better meet the needs of all of our students. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to work so closely with the fifth grade team!
I will be sending home updates via email that will explain the focus of upcoming areas of curriculum and events. You can look forward to the first issue by middle September. Until then, the following is a list of general information that you may find helpful.
  • Fun Friday-Every week we celebrate students for their hard work throughout the week and have shown great character and not received an Aim Higher for behavior. Each week varies with a 30 minute activity.
  • Aim Higher-Students receive Aim Highers when they do not display good character or are not their Bingham Best. A note will be in the planner explaining the behavior.
  • Office Hours-Students who would like additional support, learning opportunities, etc. have the chance to work during their lunch and lunch/recess. There may times when students are invited to join us because they have not yet completed a task during school time or completed the occasional homework. They will receive a note in their planner so that families are made aware.
  • Supplies-If your child does not have all of their supplies, please try to provide them either sometime this week or by the beginning of next week. We organized most of the supplies today either in their desk or their locker.
  • Lunch is from12:00 until 12:50pm. Please send a nutritious snack each day with your child. Snack time will be in the morning. This year students will play outside for recess first at 12 noon. After, they will be eating at 12:25.
  • Field trips are a great extension to the classroom and we try to have the students experience several in 4th grade. Therefore, our first field trip is on September 14th. We are going to Cranbrook Institute of Science. The students will be participating in the Rouge River Water Festival. More details to come soon.

  • Homework will consist of:
    • Occasional assignments in the subjects: Math, Reading, Word Work, Social Studies, Science, and Writer's Workshop (Language Arts)
    • Reading consistently is expected of all students
    • Additional homework options: Compass Learning, SplashMath, MyOn
  • Communication- The easiest way to communicate with me is email. I check my email daily. If there is an emergency, please contact the office. If more convenient, you may also send a note with your child in his/her planner. I also send many communications via email. Please write your email address in your child’s planner this week so that I can create a distribution list. Thank you. This will be on the 4th grade Wiki. Here you will find monthly newsletters and updates. Attached you will also find links to the blogs where you will find planner information. The blog is updated regularly so that all are aware of the homework and projects due.
  • Unified Arts- Attached is the schedule for specials. As you know the schedule is on an A B C D rotation. This calendar will help keep you and your child abreast of the activities and to figure out proper clothing.
I hope this was helpful.
See you soon!!


Ms. Paige Email:

Ms. Paige's Special Schedule 2016/2017

Music 10:15-11
Spanish 10:15-11:00
Media 1:00-1:30 (Check out and Library Skills)
PE 10:15-11:00 (Please remember to wear gym shoes.)
Spanish 11:15-12:00
Art 10:15-11:00